Second Review Meeting in Brussels November 27 2015

Brussels will remain at the highest alert level for the whole week, till November 28 at least. 
Since there is no relevant and immediate issue related to the normal evolution of the project, the second review meeting of the project has been rearranged and will be carried out remotely. 
November 27th 2015
Avenue de Beaulieu 33, 1160 Brussels, Room 1/58                                               
09:30           Welcome
9.40             “iQUOEMS Summary”                                                        
                      David Vitali (UNICAM)
10:10           “Photon conversion at vastly different wavelengths” – WP1
                    Tobias Kippenberg (EPFL)
11:00           Coffee break
11:30           “Photon-phonon interfaces” – WP2
                    Klemens Hammerer (LUH)-Pertti Hakonen (AALTO)
12:20           Lunch
14:10           “Photon-phonon-photon interfaces – WP3
                    Albert Schliesser (UCPH)
15:00         Reviewers’ Meeting (closed session)
                    iQUOEMS  Business Meeting                                  
16:00          Wrap up
16:30          Departure