INVITED TALKS
ANGELO BASSI   Models of spontaneous wave function collapse and optomechanics
GIOVANNI CANTATORE  Advanced-KWISP: investigating short-range interactions at sub-micron scales with an optomechanical sensor
PIERRE-FRANCOIS COHADON  From gravitational-wave detection to quantum optomechanics 
JOHANNES FINK   Quantum electro-mechanics with dielectric oscillators
EDUARDO GIL-SANTOS   High frequency nano-optomechanical disk resonators in liquids
VITTORIO GIOVANNETTI  Experiments testing macroscopic quantum superpositions must be slow
SIMON GROBLACHER    Quantum optomechanics experiments with photonic crystals
ANDREW HIGGINBOTHAM   Microwave-mechanical-optical transducer in a dilution refrigerator
FLORIAN MARQUARDT  Transport of photons and phonons
ADRIEN NOURY   Graphene optomechanics in a cryogenic environment
MASSIMO PALMA   Cooling and Squeezing in pulsed optomechanics
MAURO PATERNOSTRO  Quantum-limited estimation of continuous spontaneous localisation in hybrid optomechanical systems
ANTONIO PONTIN   Optomechanical quantum non-demolition measurement of optical field fluctuations
MENNO POOT    Integrated optomechanics and linear optics quantum circuits
RALF RIEDINGER   From photon-phonon correlations towards fundamental tests of standard quantum theory  
ORIOL ROMERO-ISART   Magnetic Levitation in Quantum Nanomechanics: New Opportunities
MIKA SILLANPAA     Squeezing and amplification in microwave optomechanics
GARY STEELE   Microwave optomechanics in a 3D superconducting cavity with an (ultra) high-Q silicon nitride membrane
PAOLO TRAINA    Towards testing quantum gravity by quantum-enhanced interferometry
FLAVIO TRAVASSO    Advanced Virgo: status and gravitational waves detections
EVA WEIG   Classical Stuckelberg interferometry with a nanomechanical two-mode system   
HAITAN XU      Topological Energy Transfer in an Optomechanical System with Exceptional Points   
EMIL ZEUTHEN  Optimizing electro-optomechanical transduction using equivalent circuits

                                           CONTRIBUTED TALKS
ONDREJ CERNOTIK   Measurement-induced long-distance entanglement of superconducting qubits using optomechanical transducers
JUKKA-PEKKA KAIKKONEN  Towards utilizing carbon-based NEMS as probes of helium condensates
NENAD KRALJ Microfabrication of high-stress SiN membranes with arbitrary shape for optomechanical applications
JUHA MUHONEN  Cavity optomechanics with extreme coupling rates in silicon photonic crystal
LUCA NATICCHIONI  Ponderomotive squeezing of light: overcoming the standard quantum limit in the detection band of interferometric gravitational wave detectors  
FREEK RUESINK Nonreciprocity and magnetic-field free isolation based on optomechanical interactions
ANDREAS BUCHHEIT  Optomechanics with ion chains in optical cavities